The Three Pears - public consultation and participation

Since Autumn 2011 a pilot study has been conducted featuring school art workshops and the exhibition of the current model. A series events will continue in the Summer prior to the submmission of a full planning application for the proposed sculpture ,these will form the public consultation and participation programme informing members of the public about the proposed work, promoting the awareness and the purpose of the proposed sculpture. There will be the invitation to members of the public to participate in these events.

The sculpture whilst illustrating the county emblem, The Thre Pears landmark sculpture commemorates both the horticultural and industrial legacy of the region, and the latter will feature as a prominent part of the programme of events involved in the public consultation process. The events will consist of:

Consultation with the public will involve questionnaires, debate, workshops and public meetings, the artist favours this comprehensive approach, with a number of platforms for people to appreciate the proposed project.

Evesham High School

King's Hawford Junior School, Worcester

Regency High School, Worcester

Dodderhill School for Girls, Droitwich