The Three Pears - models and drawings overview

The following models illustrate the visual development of the composition, and how the features of the black Pear tree, the emblem of Worcestershire were translated through the developing language of drawings and the scale models.

This series of models exploring and refining the composition of the proposed sculpture illustrate aspects of the county emblem of Worcestershire, consisting of the Black Pear Tree, with its fruit, a once castle gatehouse within the old city walls of Worcester and the River Severn. It is noticeable that often coats of arms and emblems associated with the county have emphasized or shown only the pear fruit, often numbering three pears.

The design overall investigates the emphasis of the Three Pears. The artist has chosen to support these features shown by the trunk of the pear tree, spit in two and each having a slightly raised horizontal branch. The composition presents the Three Pears as having an interlocking relationship conveying their emblematic importance; whilst the composition overall is developed with the other lesser features of the castle gatehouse, pear tree and river.

The third model introduced two curved vertical supports, leaning to one side, but sloping along their curve to again draw together at their height and with middle sections removed. The horizontal arms of model two are also curved along their plane, each with an open area in the shape of a single leaf. An arch features in both modesl two and three, implying a canopy of leaves that is noted by the shallow curved section 100 mm width shown reaching over from the ends of each horizontal arm. Model two has also introduced a viewing platform shown in perspex to suggest the top of the castle gatehouse turret. This feature offers an impression of height within the sculpture model that visitors ascending to the viewing platform will experience.

Model three shows the features of the three pears, with their top and side edges tinted with red pastel. Also notice the shallow rise and fall of the Cotswold stone base indicating the waves of the River Severn. The three-inch high upright blocks of Cotswold stone at the base of the model and upon the perspex platform represent people and are in scale with the model.

Materials: Oak veneer laminated to shuttering board (three pears), English oak (vertical and horizontal supports), Cotswold stone, glue. Dimensions: 600 x 600 x 450 mm approx. The envisaged scale of proposed work is 25 x 25 x 20 metres.

Guildhall, Worcester. Detail shows a shield featuring three pears at the apex of the archway to the forecourt

Shield featuring three pears, House entrance, Foregate Street, Worcester