Received Offspring - George 'V'

This sculpture has similarity in composition and conceptual thinking with the sculpture Stretch and Burn, however the impetus to create this work has less to do the investigation with the Down’s syndrome condition and that of concepts related to this project, but more of a universal quality we all share.

The photograph of George stretching was taken during photography of newer photographs for the composition of the sculpture Stretch and Burn. George attends gym workouts, and stretching is usual for George when relaxing between gym exercises. The artist found the composition a powerful and dynamic image, but feels it is also representative of the strength and vigour of male youth in general, which George, despite his condition, obviously shares with those of general ability, and his physique seen here illustrates this well.

The title of the work George ’ V’ is a reference to the 'V' shape seen in the composition, as noted by the placement of George’s legs.