Received Offspring - Stretch and Burn - Not!

The degree of flexibility in the joints of an individual with Down's syndrome is illustrated here. This is due to the slackness of the ligaments at the joints holding the bones together. George is shown with his left leg outstretched and his hands secured about his left ankle; the ease with which this position is reached and held is shown by George's facial expression, hence the work's title. The humorous nature of the work is an ironic reference to the fact that an individual with the condition can manage a position many of general ability may find difficult. The title, with its phase construction and it's ending NOT! is a borrowing from the language of youth culture.

Individuals with Down's syndrome have different levels of flexibility in their joints; however, being mostly more than those with general ability it can sometimes be a problem. Lower tone of the muscles, or 'hypotonia' in babies with the condition can mean slow progress made in areas such as walking and physical development. This is due to the lower strength of their muscles, compared to babies of general ability.

Photos of George and the work from December 2007: