Received Offspring - the sculptures - overview

These six works mark a departure from the artist's previous enquiry concerning the sequential events of procreation, pregnancy and childbirth. Here, all six sculptures: Two Palm Creases, My Two Memory Generators, Stretch and Burn - Not!, George ’V’, Bobsleigh and George and the Dragon depict the same male adult with Down's syndrome. The subject in these works may be seen as a progression in time of the newborn as featured in the piece entitled: Birthday.

George in the studio

The artist having portrayed individuals of a general ability and appearance was curious about regarding individuals with Down's syndrome being different in both respects and regarding the causes of this condition. The artist would like through his enquiry, to contribute to a further understanding of both Down's syndrome and of individuals with this condition. This will be helped through the exhibition of the works: Two Palm Creases, My Two Memory generators, Stretch and Burn - Not!, George ’V’, Bobsleigh, and lastly, George and the Dragon being six different sculptures of the same model exploring differing aspects of the condition.

The artist has formed the compositions for all six successive works through observing the subject, George about, in his studio. George might, for example rest and stretch between the figure pose sessions. These actions gave rise to the pose of each subsequent piece of work in the proposed series. The artist was struck by the ability with which George would take to postures with relative ease, in contrast to individuals of general ability.

The figure sculptures will be modelled in clay, cast in off-white pigmented fibreglass resin. The hair will be made from hemp and the sculptures will be dressed in leather shorts fashioned for the pieces especially. The clay figure sculptures will be finished in spring 2010 and subsequently cast in fibreglass resin.